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At these events, Becky Halstead shares her experiences, knowledge and insights with others to help them in their journey to being better people and more effective leaders.

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Snapshots of Keynotes

Blank Rome

Blank Rome

High Ambition Keynote

High Ambition Keynote

Make a Difference

Make a Difference

Lead and Practice with Passion and Purpose

Lead and Practice with Passion and Purpose

Diversity - Thinking Differently

Diversity - Thinking Differently

Communicate and Connect: The Cheeseburger Story

Communicate and Connect:
The Cheeseburger Story

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Gwinnett Video



For the record–and you will not be surprised–she was a ROCK STAR!! A ball room jammed full of some of the sharpest minds on Wall Street and she had them in the palm of her hand from the moment she stepped to the podium. If she were a public company they would have bought every share and been screaming for more.

Managing DirectorLarge Financial Investment Company

When you have a young, diverse audience coming from many different countries and business backgrounds (23 country organizations in our case) an inspirational speech becomes a real challenge. I would like to thank you for delivering a presentation last week in Mainz that was so incredible, that the audience scored it 4.9 out of 5 (on average). Thank you very much for having been with us and sharing your learnings – I can say that I have again learned many new things from your insights and the way you delivered your speech!

Astrid TeckentrupProcter and Gamble

It’s always good to realize the principles, and especially the “The first person you must lead is YOU” is something we all should be always aware of. I was also impressed on the many parallels between the Army and a corporate organization. Even given completely different missions, many principles and tactics are rather the same.

Market Planning Manager, Procter & GambleBernd Zimmermann

General Halstead…It was truly my honor to meet you. I can honestly state that you were the talk of the week; many of our leaders referred to inspiration they took from your speech, in particular follow-through and selfless leadership. For me, your desired tombstone inscription (“No Regrets”) proves the success of your life—there is no color or gender in uniform, just a soldier.

HR DirectorFrontier Communications

I saw you present at the Women’s Connection Conference in the Quad Cities, last week. I’m sure you have been flooded with compliments, but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation. You’re tough, you’re funny, and you’re inspirational. I too work in a public speaking capacity for our university. I never pass on an opportuntiy to witness great speakers in action.

Outreach CoordinatorAshford University

I just want to say thanks for everything and will certainly employ your leadership techniques. I want to ensure I take time to let the team know each and every one of them is a valued member of the team. We often focus on the mission and time goes by and we sometimes lose sight of the human dimension which is what makes our Army the Greatest in the world. I still recall you taking time out to send personal hand written notes to subordinates. Thanks for your Leadership and Steadfastness.

Colonel, US ArmyBrigade Commander, Netherlands

Keynote Leadership Themes

  • Organize for Success

  • The Power of Preparation

  • Innovative Leadership

  • Effective versus Efficient Leadership

  • Developing Discipline

  • Success is a Team Sport

  • Dare to Lead

  • Achieving Significance

  • Being an Effective Supply Chain Leader

  • Leading in the Loss Prevention Sector

  • Being an Impact Leader

  • Leadership: the Key to Continuous Improvement

  • Leading in Demanding Environments

  • Lead like a Champion