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Rebecca "Becky" Halstead Founder & Inspirational Speaker
Steadfast Leadership - Becky Halstead

About Becky Halstead

Are you leading and living to your full potential? Are you prepared and determined to take your team to the next level of excellence? Becky Halstead is a seasoned leader of character who shares her experiences, knowledge and insights with others to help them in their journey to being better people and more effective leaders.

Becky Halstead, a retired Brigadier General, founded her own leader consultancy company, STEADFAST Leadership, following 27 years of service in the U.S. Army and one year as the Executive Director for Leader Development with Praevius Group, Inc. Becky specializes in inspirational and motivational speaking, developing leader training programs, leader coaching and mentoring. She is currently authoring her first book on leadership.

When you hire Becky, you will receive an authentic, useful perspective on leadership. Becky candidly and humbly shares her life and leadership experiences with you and your team, providing tools for success which are immediately implementable. Becky will be value added to your team as she brings to life her years of executive-level leadership and logistics experience, developing and training high-performing, complex and diverse teams. She has a proven record of leading change, building successful teams in demanding environments (Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany and South America), and creating innovative solutions, systems and programs to complex problems.

Significant Achievements

  • Honored to be selected to attend West Point in 1977-entering with the second class of women, and being the first kid from her hometown to graduate from West Point.
  • Blessed to be the first female graduate of West Point to be promoted to General Officer in 2004.
  • Served and commanded in combat as the first female Commanding General at the strategic level of leadership in Iraq-leading 20,000 Soldiers and 5,000 civilians from 2005 to 2006-a first for our Army and our Nation.
  • In 2007 received the National Women’s History Project award for “Generations of Women Moving History Forward”.